HealthPark Medical Center is 여우 알바 looking to hire a certified nursing assistant/CNA to work night shifts full time at their womens care center. HealthPark Medical Center has openings for Full and Part Time Night Shifts for a CNA/CNA to work in the Cardiac Decision Unit/CDU. HealthPark Medical Center is looking for a CNA to join the resource nurse team to help expand the Discharge Lounge while growing the facility. The position is seeking is a great opportunity for a skilled certified nursing assistant (CNA), nursing aide, patient care technician, or even someone who is interested in becoming a CNA and providing patient care.

Advanced Certified Nursing Assistant – Team members at this certified nursing assistant position perform patient care duties, guided and directed by the nurse. The certified nursing assistants (CNAs) at Riverview Health are caring, patient-focused, detailed-oriented, and exhibit physical and emotional strengths while working with patients in an inpatient, hospital-based environment. Our CNAs have a direct impact on the patients stay at the hospital each day providing personalized care in a positive, supportive working environment.

Every hospital, clinic, and nursing home depends on a team of qualified personnel to deliver personalized care to patients; nursing assistants and orderlies are a critical part of this team. They assist the nursing staff in the patients personal care, emotional support, and activities of daily living. Respond to nurse call system, contact nursing staff appropriately, and ensure that patients needs are met. Communicates properly and clearly to nurses, supervisors, coworkers, physicians, and the rehabilitation services staff.

Demonstrates ability to evaluate patients and unit needs, communicating these needs to the appropriate supervisor or individual. Shares and relays information about patient care at changeovers. Reports findings to nurses concerning a patient and/or family that could affect patient care. Ensures any changes to patient status or unusual circumstances are reported to primary nurse immediately.

Provides information about patients and families to registered nurses to coordinate care and discharge planning. Receives written/verbal reports from the registered nurse (RN) at the start of each shift regarding the care that is to be provided for an assigned group of patients, or patients who require continuous monitoring. Provides reports upon leaving unit, and upon completion of the shift, regarding care delivered; Any anomalies occurring during the shift should be reported to the RN, as well as the incoming RN or PCA. Examines patients for reddened areas or skin breakdowns, and reports them to licensed nursing personnel.

More complicated duties performed with the supervision of licensed nursing staff. Typically, nurses are responsible for caring for approximately 12-24 patients a day. Places such as hospitals and nursing homes allow aides to do three 12-hour shifts a week, which is the length of time that their typical CNA would be working. A CNA may be on five eight-hour shifts, or 12 hours, with one additional day off.

Some facilities require rotating shifts or have scheduled employees to cover the absence of evening employees. Often, a new hire will start and stay on a night shift until the position becomes available for day shift. Some CNAs choose to stay with a nursing home for their entire CNA career as they see the same patients each day and like the faster-paced environment.

CNAs usually struggle to get initial positions at hospitals, and they may need to start by volunteering, interning, or getting nursing assistant experience. In addition to working at nursing homes or hospitals, contract positions are available for nurses. Certified nursing assistant is definitely a job on its own, but it is also a part of several career paths, including Certified Medical Technician, licensed practical nurse (LPN), registered nurse (RN), and even administrative.

Under the supervision of the registered nurse, a nurse assistant (NA) provides the essential patient care activities and associated non-professional services needed in caring for a patients individual needs and comfort. Under supervision, assists specialized nursing staff or other specialized health professionals in providing primary care and medical treatments for patients on a per diem basis; carries out non-professional nursing duties in caring for patients with physical and mental illness; and carries out other related duties as required. Performs all aspects of patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety and decreases the possibility of medical/health care errors. Assists with the preparation for admitting, transporting, and releasing patients.

Primary duties include taking and recording vital signs, helping patients with sanitation and sanitization, and maintaining clean and safe environment of unit. Duties include recording vital signs, checking patients for problems that need medical attention (such as open wounds, bruising, or blood in urine), noting observations about patients behaviors for nurses (such as complaints or physical symptoms), and providing physical support to patients mobility and personal hygiene. Assisting the nurse practitioner with the patients day-to-day care, including bathing, oral hygiene, feeding, task-ordering, and ambulation, which can involve the use of therapeutic assistance devices, appropriate positioning, range of motion, and specific transfers, as indicated. Completes tasks related to patients nutritional needs, as directed by the RN, including nutrition reviews, tray setting/removal, proper positioning, and nutrition selection.

Nursing aides respond to patients calling signs, rotate or reposition patients in bed, and assure that each patient is receiving appropriate nutrition. They take vital signs, assist patients in daily activities, respond quickly to calls, communicate any problems or progress observed, and reinforce rehabilitation techniques assigned by the treatment team. CNAs provide primary caregiving services and assist their patients and clients, such as cleaning or bathing, grooming, bathroom help, dressing, walking, taking vital signs, and transfers (such as from wheelchairs to beds). Nurse-assisted living facilities, continuing care retirement communities, and assisted living facilities, and home health services are some of the largest employers of CNAs.

There are educational advancement programs offered to nurses through tuition assistance programs. Contact your local health centers nursing education office for more information on the VALOR program and how to apply. Nurses are given flexibility in choosing which shifts they would like when applying.

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